I'm interested in a wide range and various forms of animals, their bodily forms, the different kind of skins, their helplessness, their 'unawareness' of future and past. The various forms -shapes of animals- are essential for me to create my own fictive animal-world which is a metaphor for our daily life existence which for me is an helpless an absurd one: the only hope to make it bearable is to have more hope, which is even more naïve, so only humor remains... I use inferior materials like transparent or brown tapes, chicken wire, or inflatable to express this helplessness; so the creature can become even more existential. My approach of making work is a playful, associative and serious process in which inferior materials to me mirror this nihilistic feeling. Furthermore, it is about seeing things behind things: a bird for example is a form in itself, but it can hide another form in the form of a worm, that is in its stomach and will be another form later in the form of bird shit and so on.

My drawings are more a kind of an absurdly, surrealistic expression and are a direct output from the brain, drawn directly on to paper of as a need and force to try to clear my mind which is overwhelmingly chaotic..